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Steering Bodies

  • Steering Key Members

  • Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network
    • A group of organizations to promote activities related to nuclear human resource development. The members consist of electric power utilities, nuclear manufacturers, universities, research institutes, Ministries and nuclear related organizations. The following five sub-working groups mainly cover the various activities carried out in line with the objectives of this network.

  • Steering Committee
    • The highest decision-making body of the network. It decides on basic policies for activities of the network.

  • Planning Working Group
    • It plans, studies, and evaluates the entire activities based on the decisions made of the Steering Committee and also reports back the study and the implementation results to the Steering Committee.

  • Sub-Working Groups (Sub-WGs)
    • Sub-Working Groups (Sub-WG) coordinate HRD of specific target groups. Each Sub-WG arrange specific programs for capacity development of human resources in each target group.

      • Sub-WG: Supports to Elementary to High School Education
        • It provides information on teaching materials for science and on related events for elementary to high school students, disseminates knowledge on nuclear power and radiation as well as providing related information (such as use and safety of nuclear power) to elementary to high school teachers. It also gathers useful information, conducts surveys to students and teachers and makes proposals on the related activities.

      • Sub-WG: Supports to Nuclear Education at Universities and Colleges
        • It provides information on nuclear human resource development and training for undergraduates, graduates, and technical college students, and gives supports to implement the related activities. It also gathers useful information, conducts necessary surveys and makes proposals for new activities.

      • Sub-WG: HRD for Working Engineers
        • It provides information and supports implementation of the human resource development programs and trainings in the nuclear power field aiming at working engineers in industries, such as electric power utilities and manufacturers. It also collects useful information, conducts surveys and makes proposals to the people involved in industries.

      • Sub-WG: HRD to Internationalize National Human Resources
        • It plans, proposes, implements and supports human resource development activities for internationalizing nuclear professionals in Japan so that they can take active roles in the world.

      • Sub-WG: Supports to NPP Newcomer Countries HRD
        • It plans, proposes, implements and supports nuclear human resources development activities in newly NPP introducing countries by sharing the technology and knowledge of Japan. It aims to strengthen potential partnerships with other countries in the future.

      • Ad-hoc Sub-WG
        • Upon authorization by the Planning Working Group, ad-hoc action groups can be convened to deal with a variety of new issues, as they emerge, which do not fit in the activities of the above-mentioned standing sub-working groups.

  • Network Secretariat
    • It manages the operations of the sub-working groups. It also plan and implement human resource development activities that do not fit in the activities of the above-mentioned sub-working groups.

  • Member organizations of the Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network

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