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Activity Records

Activity records are summarized below for each working body.

  • JN-HRD Newsletter : provides quarterly event records
  • Annual Review Meeting : presents reports from all Sub-Working Groups on their activities of the year.
  • Steering Committee Report : compiles key records of the Steering Committee Meetings
  • Japan-IAEA NEM School Report : summarizes the course results.
  • Sub-WG : presents selected records of Sub-Working Groups relevant to HRD in newcomer countries
    • Sub-WG: Supports to Elementary to High School Education
    • Sub-WG: Supports to Nuclear Education at Universities and Colleges
    • Sub-WG: HRD for Working Engineers
    • Sub-WG: HRD to Internationalize National Human Resources
    • Sub-WG: Suppors to to NPP Newcomer Countries HRD
    • Ad-hoc Sub-WGs
  • Network Secretariat

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