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Activity Overview

  The network conducts new inter-organ activities as well as sharing information of the existing independent activities and having mutual cooperation among the participating organizations related to nuclear human resource development. Main activities are shown below.

"Network Organizations at a Glance"

  • Establishment of cooperative partnerships with related organizations at home and abroad
  • Mutual support for participating organizations in the network
  • National and International public relations
  • Building international network
    • -   Japan nuclear human resource development network is building cooperative relationships with international nuclear human resource development networks, by promoting mutual understanding and sharing information with international nuclear human resources development organizations, such as International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN).
      -   Cooperation Agreement between IAEA and J-NHRD
  • Planning and operation of inter-organ human resource development activities
  • Support and cooperation on nuclear human resource development for overseas, especially for NPP newly introducing countries
  • Others (human resource development related activities)

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