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  Global momentum toward the restoration and expansion of nuclear energy has become more evident due to several factors, such as issues related to stable supply of energy and environment concerns that are symbolized by global warming. Under this circumstance, it is urgently necessary to develop human resources to fulfill the increasing needs of new-build domestic and foreign nuclear facilities. (Omission) The "Nuclear Human Resource Development Network (JN-HRD Net)" aims at securing human resources which support the future nuclear field in Japan. And for the young researchers and engineers in the nuclear field, these activities should contribute in training them to have high quality with an international perspective to work for the world. Furthermore, in cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), human resource development in NPP introducing countries shall be pursued.

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Message from President

Global energy demand is continuously increasing with the growth of population and economy. On the other hand, global warming is becoming more serious. Securing stable energy supply and combating climate change are critical issues for the world to address urgently.

Nuclear energy can play a major role in addressing these issues, as it is a key base-load power source that can provide large amounts of power in a stable manner, while advancing efforts to deal with global warming.

Only nine nuclear power plants are now in service in Japan, whose number is insufficient to demonstrate the true value of nuclear energy. Efforts have to be made to make the most efficient use of its existing reactors by restarting, extending their operating lifetimes, and improving their capacity factors, while continuing to reinforce nuclear safety. Into the future, the need to construct new or replacing nuclear power plants must also be addressed.

Human resources development (HRD) is one of the most critical elements for implementing successful nuclear energy program. Japan Nuclear Human Resources Development Network (JN-HRD) was established in November 2010 for effective and efficient human resources development.

The network consists of eighty two member organizations from industry, the academia, local governments, and competent governmental ministries of Japan. It functions as a platform for human resources development at home and abroad. It has been actively promoting information sharing among member organizations of the network and international organizations as well as developing various activities. The signing of the Practical Agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in August, 2017 can further enhance global activities of the network.

Furthermore, JN-HRD established a new working group, Strategic Working Group, focusing on strategic matters of HRD in April 2019. The Strategic WG aims to draw up a strategy for securing future nuclear experts and solve issues of HRD in the nuclear fields. At the same time, JN-HRD strengthen cooperation with the competent governmental ministries of Japan to tackle with these issues.

The network will contribute to build firm cooperative ties between Japanese and global nuclear energy organizations. We would be grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

November 2020
Shiro Arai
Chair, Steering Committee of the JN-HRD

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