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Annual Review Meeting

Annual review meetings are held towards the end of each fiscal year. The meeting reviews the development of nuclear environment relevant to human resources and comprehensively the Network activities with input from all Sub-Working Groups.

Since 2015, one session is dedicated to exchanging information on practices in Asian countries.

Below summarized are the agenda and key materials accessible (mostly in Japanese) of the latest meeting.

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JN-HRD Net Annual Review Meeting FY 2017
Date: 2018.2.16 (Fri)
Venue: Hall 1A, TKP Shimbashi Conference Center, Minato-ku, Tokyo
10:00 Opening Address (in Japanese)
Akira Takahashi, Steering Committee Chair (JAIF President)
10:10 Overview of JN-HRD Net Activities (in English)
Satoshi Sakurai, Secretary General (Director, JAEA Nuclear Human Resource Development Center)
10:40 Human resource development in nuclear engineering field (in Japanese)
Yu Sumikawa, Cabinet Office
11:10 Restart of research reactors (Kindai University Reactor) (in Japanese)
Gen-ichiro Wakabayashi, Kindai University
11:30 New start as Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto Univ. with resumption of KUR/KUCA (in Japanese)
Yuji Kawabata, Kyoto University
11:50 JAEA's Activities towards the decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (in Japanese)
Koichi Noda, JAEA
(Lunch/Opinion Exchange Forum)
13:30 Special Session: Collaborative Activities with IAEA (1)
Chaired by Kazuhiko Kudo
1 Japan-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School (in Japanese)
  Mitsuru Uesaka, University of Tokyo
  What I learned from NEM School (1)
  Naoya Takeda, Kansai Electric Power Company
  What I learned from NEM School (2)
  Yu Momiyama, Tohoku Electric Power Company
2 Implementation of 2017 IAEA Training Course on Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development (in Japanese)
  Kazuo Kishida, JAIF International Cooperation Center
3 Nuclear HRD Activities based on the Practical Arrangement between the Fukui Prefectural Government and the IAEA (in Japanese)
  Takuya Kitabata, Fukui International Human Resource Development Center for Atomic Energy
4 IAEA e-learning material on decommissioning (in Japanese)
  Ei-iciro Watanabe, IAEA
15:45 Special Session: Collaborative Activities with IAEA (2)
Chaired by Mitsuru Uesaka
5 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Contributing to the IAEA's activities for the Member States' Human Resource Development (in Japanese)
  Akihiro Tsuji, MOFA
6 Training on radiation emergency medicine at NIRS (in Japanese)
  Hideo Tatsuzaki, NIRS, National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology
7 Educating Secondary Students and Science Teachers on Nuclear Science and Technology, RAS0079 (IAEA TCP 2018-2021) (in English)
  Jane Gerardo-Abaya, IAEA, and Takeshi Iimoto, University of Tokyo
8 IAEA activities for HRKD (in Japanese)
  Hiroya Hirose, IAEA
       Open Discussion
17:30 Closing
Hiroshi Kato, JAEA Nuclear Human Resource Development Center

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