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"JN-HRD Network at a Glance"
  Global momentum toward the restoration and expansion of nuclear energy has become more evident due to several factors, such as issues related to stable supply of energy and environment concerns that are symbolized by global warming. Under this circumstance, it is urgently necessary to develop human resources to fulfill the increasing needs of new-build domestic and foreign nuclear facilities. Consequently, Japan is required to engage actively in human resources development that supports nuclear energy foundation and nuclear businesses in the future in all of the nuclear related organizations, in industries, educational institutions such as colleges and universities, research institutes and government.

  Overseas, the nuclear human resource development has become a national commitment for some countries. With regards to implementation of nuclear human resource development in Japan, it is highly important to work together to construct a framework of nuclear human resource development nationwide not only with efforts of each relevant institution and individual cooperation, but also through mutual collaboration of all relevant organizations among industry, academia and government.

  Given this situation, the national government (Cabinet Office, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs) urges to establish "Nuclear Human Resource Development Network" based on mutual collaboration of all relevant institutions/organizations in Japan, with each of them coming together to promote various activities and projects on nuclear human resource development efficiently and effectively. Through these activities, it is aimed to bring the expansion and improvement of a social base involved in nuclear, to promote interests in nuclear among young students and to secure human resources which support the future nuclear field in Japan. And for the young researchers and engineers in the nuclear field, these activities should contribute in training them to have high quality with an international perspective to work for the world. Furthermore, in cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), human resource development in NPP introducing countries shall be pursued.

(Translation by the Secretariat (JAEA))

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