JN-HRD Net Opening Session and the First Steering Committee Meeting

JN-HRD Net Opening Session and the First Steering Committee Meeting
  • Date: 2010.11.19 (Fri)
  • Venue: Hotel KKR, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Summary:

    Mr. K. Fujiki, Director-General,
    R&D Bureau, MEXT
      The Japan Nuclear Human Resource Development Network (JN-HRD.Net) was opened based on the recommendation of Nuclear Energy Human Resource Development Council. The Council, being composed of representatives from the industrial, governmental and academic sectors, deliberated the establishment of the Network since 2007. The JN-HRD.Net embarked on the mission of developing nuclear human resources with cooperation of all Japan stakeholders under the initiative of the Cabinet Office, MEXT, METI and MOFA.

      Mr. Kanji Fujiki, Director General, Research and Development Bureau of MEXT, declared the establishment of JN-HRD.Net, representing the promoters and all participants present over 100.

      Following the opening session, the first steering committee of JN-HRD.Net selected Mr. Takuya Hattori, JAIF President, as the Steering Committee Chairperson. The Committee consists of 18 members representing the industrial, governmental and academic sectors.

      The Committee reviewed the background of establishing the Network, the prospectus, Network byelaws and the Network activity plans foreseen ahead. Members expressed big expectations to the Network activities hereafter, covering from responses to HRD requests from NPP newcomer countries, human resource development to meet needs of nuclear power generation in Japan, effective utilization of experienced senior resources to sharing of accumulated resources.

      After the Steering Committee Meeting, Mr. Shunsuke Kondo, Chairperson of the AEC Japan, delivered a special address "Challenges lying ahead before us in nuclear human resource development activities". He addressed to the importance and significance of standardizing human resource development protocols, regulatory standards and other matters in a global environment.

      All participants exchanged views each other for deepening mutual understanding and shared the feeling of contribution to the nuclear human resource development, at the get-together session towards the end of the assembly.

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