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NHRD Strategical Roadmaps by Charts

(October 2014)

Getting aware of the serious concerns and problem consciousness below, the Advisory Body on NHRD Strategy Planning for the Nuclear Human Resource Development Network identified key issues of nuclear human resource development in the upcoming years.

The Advisory Body generated four roadmaps drawn in graphs for each target group by elucidating human resource requirement, its issues and measures to solve the issues necessary for materializing the image of 10 years ahead (see below).

Serious concerns and problem consciousness being aware by the Council:

  • Safety strengthening needed by sharing knowledge from the nuclear accident of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi 2011;
  • Human resources in the field of nuclear safety are indispensable for continued utilization of nuclear power as the key baseload power source;
  • University education in basic engineering is losing solidness;
  • Relevant ambitious projects are not foreseeable, so the research therefor;
  • Field engineers experienced in construction are becoming in shortage;
  • Technology and knowledge transfer to young generations from experienced engineers is now well managed;
  • Globalized personnel are not sufficient in the country to go into the global market;
  • Human resource development might be behind that of other competing countries, et.

Keywords extracted from brainstorming deliberation on the concerns and consciousness above:

  • Outreaching of future ambitious visions worth challenging;
  • Strengthening of basic engineering study, experiment and drill opportunities;
  • Presenting attractiveness of nuclear science to non-nuclear students;
  • Sharing of lessons from the Fukushima accident and continued fostering of safety culture;
  • Implementation of ambitious R&D projects;
  • Challenges to new build projects in the world;
  • Strengthening of field engineering capabilities, launching real projects;
  • Full utilization of experienced, senior engineers and their knowhow;
  • Globalization, International qualification, International standardization of human resource development;
  • Collaboration of industry, government and academia; and
  • Absorb human resource development experience (Russia, Korea, France and others).

Four important items identified for image creation in 10 years ahead. They are:

  1. Recovery and regeneration of Fukushima
  2. Safe NPP operation and ensuring of safety
  3. Nuclear fuel cycle and radioactive waste disposal
  4. International contribution and marketing

(Excerpted from NHRD Srategical Roadmaps of Nuclear Human Resource Development (in Japanese))
(Translation by the Secretariat (JAEA))

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