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Message from President

Global energy demand is continuously increasing with the growth of population and economy. On the other hand, global warming is becoming more serious. Securing stable energy supply and combating climate change are critical issues for the world to address urgently. To solve those issues, nuclear energy is expected to play an important role.

Human resources development is one of the most critical elements for implementing successful nuclear energy programs. Japan Nuclear Human Resources Development Network (JN-HRD) was established in November 2010 for the effective and efficient human resources development.

The network consists of seventy three member organizations from the industry, the academia, local governments, and the competent governmental ministries of Japan. It functions as a platform for human resources development at home and abroad. It has been actively promoting information sharing among member organizations of the network as well as international organizations and developing various activities. The signing of the Practical Agreement with the IAEA in August, 2017 can further facilitate global activities of the network.

The network will contribute to build firm cooperative ties between Japanese and global nuclear energy organizations. We would be grateful for your continued support and cooperation.

January 2018
Akio Takahashi
Steering Committee of the JN-HRD

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