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10 Suggestions

10 Suggestions for Developing Engineers and Researchers in the Nuclear Power Field and Securing a Foundation of Human Resources.
(Conference on Nuclear Power Human Resource Development , April 2010)
  • Restructure specialized education system on nuclear power and enhance its improvement securing and developing future professors in the basic fields
      • Clarification of evaluation criteria for educational contribution from the viewpoint of securing future professors
      • Strengthen and enhance educational support from industries on collaborative researches, dispatched instructors and facility visits
      • Networking of lectures and professors, such as standardized credit for various lectures
      • Utilizing nuclear facilities for education and research by co-share, for experiments and facility visits, also enriching the contents of the activities, and networking
      • Global cooperation on educational resources such as textbooks, professors, and educational research facilities
      • Supports for universities with distinctive features that utilize specialties and expertise in a certain field in nuclear (selection and concentration)
      • Conduct diverse education from advanced technologies to actual implementation by making most of the cooperation among universities located close to nuclear power facilities, research institutes and industries
  • Systematization and visualization of nuclear human resource development in Japan
      • Systematization of nuclear human resource development and quality assurance on nuclear human resources by horizontally networking the activities based on development (training) level and by establishing a network which controls the whole
      • Visualization of the conditions in Japan gained as an accomplishment of interdisciplinary alliances for nuclear human resource development

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